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At BitchBots Inc. we use the latest breakthroughs in robotics to create sexy female robots, ready to fullfil your every wish.


They respond to voice commands and are totally obedient and eager to please their owners. Best of all, they can be turned off at any time with a simple push of a button.


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  Dec 5
Dressed in a sexy nurse uniform, bitchbot babe Star is under the control of the doctor. When the doctor tells Star the word bind, she cannot move until he says release. When she hears the word release she goes into a state of pure ecstasy. He instructs her to work as a nurse for him in his office and treat his clients with extra kindess!


  Dec 2
Beautiful blue eyed Star is being used by her owner. He programmed her to function using many voice commands. He controls her by saying different phrases and words to prompt her to respond with specific responses. This function is fantastic! You can make Star say anything you want her to!


  Nov 29
Two very different but equally beautiful bitchbots are being controlled by their owner. He commands Moxxie to carry the pretty Jolene into the living room. He sits them down and explains how Moxxie is Jolenes new play toy. The two bitchbots are made from different companies and have different programming. The doctor is trying to figure out which one works better by having them do various tasks and movements and of course orgasms.


  Nov 26
Strawberry blonde pretty robot Jolene is being taught how to use her new friend Moxxie. The doctor tells her how to to turn her off and on and how to use voice commands on her. He puts them together and has them hold each other while the have orgasms. He continues pleasuring them by voice commanding them to have many orgasms all in a row!


  Nov 23
The doctors sexy puffy nippled blonde bitchbot Jolene is going to meet her new friend, robot Moxxie for the first time. Their first encounter together involves simultaneous hot orgasms right next to each other! The doctor even instructs Jolene how to work Moxxie.


  Nov 20
Moxxie is an incredibly sexy brunette bitchbot. The doctor programs her to laugh every time she hears the wear contact. He decides to entertain himself even more by having his new bitchbot Moxxie look for his lost contact lens under Jolene, his other beautiful blonde bitchbot.


  Nov 17
Watch the doctor demonstrate how lifelike the communication with the curvaceous brunette bitchbot Moxxie is. She is wired to follow commands 100% accurately. When turned off she is in a sleep like state allowing her owner to move her limbs and put her in different positions easily. Her buttons are hidden discretely behind her tattoos. Like all the bitchbots from this company, Moxxie is delivered in a nice brown box.


  Nov 14
The doctor reviews a companies new line of bitchbots. Moxxie is a bitchbot that could easily be mistaken for a real girl. She looks and talks just like the real thing. Moxxie comes with an easy to read instruction manual. The doctor instructs his bitchbot to clean. He explains how to operate her and make her turn on and off by buttons and voice commands. This bitchbot is so high tech she can clean, smile and orgasm simultaneously!!





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